Anonymous asked: Young Avengers. Billy/Teddy. Billy has a size-kink, Teddy shapeshifts his cock bigger to make it more pleasurable for Billy.

No one ever asks directly - well, Tommy aside - but it’s written all over their faces that they’re curious about the perks of sex when a shapeshifter and a magician are involved.

Billy mostly uses his powers to make their dirty talk practical - “I want to tie you up”, “I want to be ready”, “I want you hard again” - but it’s Teddy who alters reality when Billy says “I want more”.

Teddy’s cock is impressive enough before he shapeshifts, enough that Billy had never thought about taking advantage of Teddy’s powers in that area, but a few weeks after their first time Teddy had slowed down in the middle of fucking Billy senseless and said, almost shyly, “I could, you know, if you wanted - be more.”

Billy wasn’t able to give a sensible answer at the time but a whining noise and a nod were permission enough, and Teddy had pulled out, concentrated, and pushed in again, suddenly large enough that Billy was rendered completely helpless, the burn of Teddy inside him all he could think about, all he wanted, all he thought he ever could want.

Billy tries not to ask too often, but Teddy likes to spoil him rotten and it’s no coincidence that whenever a battle’s been rough, or whenever Billy’s just recovered from sickness, Teddy will come to him hung like a horse and let Billy ride him like a cowboy.