Anonymous asked: WhiteCollarxSuits. ElizabethxDonna. When the boys are away, the girls play.

Donna might have actually giggled a little when she slid the key into the lock on Harvey’s apartment, but then El slid her hands around Donna’s waist and pulled in close to her back and Donna’s laughter was silenced by the subtle thrusting of El’s hips against her ass.

On Harvey’s couch, Donna pushed El’s skirt up to her waist and cupped her mound with a warm hand. El’s eyes flashed bright with lust, and she arched her back; her beautiful breasts strained the buttons of her shirt.

They rolled to the floor, clothes scattered around them and heated breaths coming fast as they licked at each other’s clits. Donna slid two fingers into El’s wetness and held on, a smug smile on her face, as El bucked beneath her.